EBENEZER Commitments

At EBENEZER Group, we like to believe that the delivery of high quality services is status quo in the industry. Where we are different however, lies in our delivery.

Customer Centric:

In Ebenezer Group, we develop our business models around an extremely customer centric core, and through our experience, extensive thoughts have been put into the services that we provide.

Highly Qualified Team:

More than 50% of our inspectors have international qualifications and experience, with specialization in the in the Marine and Offshore, Construction and Petrochemical industry.

Ebenezer Elite Operations Team (EEOT):

The Ebenezer Elite Operations Team, where a member is trained for 2 years or more, is a special task force set up to be able to react to all forms of inspection work both locally and overseas. International Accreditation is a prerequisite, along with cross industry exposure and overseas operations experience. Special operations range from Anchorage Mobilization to Over-night Activation. Above all, EEOT members are selected based on their ability to troubleshoot under extreme environment.

T+2 Respond Time:

Reaction Time at Ebenezer NDT is swift and efficient. Drawn from our experienced members of EEOT, all our inspectors are trained to respond quickly to any changes in project requirements.

Special Operating Vehicles (SOV):

Ebenezer’s Special Operating Vehicles or SOV, are fully equipped with all necessary tools and peripherals to deal with any test requirements in a moment’s notice. This special purpose vehicle is capable of handling offshore projects and has a service range up till Thailand.

Self Developed Core Competencies:

Through the years, Ebenezer NDT has developed her own internal strength in education and development through in-house training to produce a highly qualified team with international accreditations.

Self Reliant:

Ebenezer NDT has her own suite of equipment with a strong number of qualified technicians to handle them.

Holistic Approach to our Business:

Ebenezer NDT’s approach and attitude to business is well rounded and properly balanced, to ultimately deliver a pleasant and fuss free experience for our clients. As such, we treat every component of our service delivery with due diligence. From equipment range to inspectors’ experience, from inspectors’ respond times to report delivery, Ebenezer NDT’s philosophy is evident: We truly take pride in delivering quality and reliable service.