Ebenezer Elite Operations Team

Swift and Professional

The Ebenezer Elite Operations Team (EEOT) is a special task force set-up to be able to react to all forms of inspection work both locally and overseas. Special operations includes; anchorage mobilization, over-night activation and ability to troubleshoot under extreme environment and has been through sailing life.

Officers from the force trained are over 2 years, have obtained international accreditation, been on overseas operations, and training from the different industry that the team will be exposed to. They must also possess special technical ability.

The Ebenezer Special Operations Command Team (ESOCT) includes Lead Inspectors and support staff to strategically mobilize and support all form of operations that the company requires.

Appointment under the Ebenezer Elite Operations Team (EEOT) includes:

  • Elite Inspector (EI)
  • Principle Inspector (PI)
  • Lead Inspector (LI)
  • Hazmat Driver (HD)
  • R&D Officer (RO)
  • Operations Specialist (OS)

List of EEOT Services

  • Emergency Response
  • Radiation Recovery and Accident
  • Highly Specialized Team of NDT Inspectors
  • OPL + Anchorage
  • Voyage Team