Event Infrastructure

At GLOBACC, we believe in building the best integrated delivery team, with value creation in mind, to ensure that Globacc & our Clients benefit from the industry’s “subject matter experts” together with the processes and procedures of worldwide based networks of support in delivery. Being a true market leader and innovator in the Project, Construction & Events Management (PC&E) profession, we deliver consistent results in all our projects with a target of 100% Clients’ satisfaction.


Today we are committed to delivering exceptional project performance to ensure the success of our clients, as well as growing the most capable people in the industry. As we look back with pride on the successful events of our employees past, we remain keenly aware that the challenges and accomplishments to come will further define the fundamental character of our Company.


GLOBACC has a breadth of project experience encompassing all sectors of the industry from educational and leisure facilities, industrial and commercial buildings.  Activities in the field of construction of different levels size, reconstruction of buildings and purchase of these facilities. Reconstruction of buildings works of art and monuments of culture. Consulting in the field of investment management and construction. Giving legal advice for any financial or legal matters related to construction or business.


Event overlay services, designing and delivering turn-key temporary environments for the most prestigious sporting and cultural occasions in the global calendar is another area of services we provide to our Clients from Sporting Event Organisers’ sector.