Press Coverage

A Successful Entrepreneur at the age of 17 years old”

Featured in Xin Ming Papers , 4 Jan 2015

Lawrence Kim being a successful entrepreneur at age 17 returned back to his Family business at the age of 27 years old. He managed to turn the company around within 5 years and increased the organization earnings by a all time high of 600%. He added : ‘ With the right attitude and mindset, any business is bound to grow. ‘

“Social Entrepreneur aims to ‘retire’ at 35”

Featured in The Sunday Times , 5 May 2013

Lawrence Kim, 31 yr old believes in investing in his own business plans in order to continue work at a slower pace. He does not plan to retire from work too early and has a long term goal of growing the business well, hopefully the business will be acquired before he reaches the age of 35.

“Small firms should engage the society”

Featured in My Paper , 16 Dec 2010

Lawrence Kim “delighted 116 underprivileged kids at Toys “R” Us when he dressed as Santa to give them presents.”

“More than a wishy-washy business”

Lawrence Kim appears on local TV reality show ‘The Mission’ and raised a total of $2,000 for charity from implementing their marketing, management and business development skills.

 “Student and benefactor”

Featured in Today & Lian He Zao Bao , 13 Mar 2009

Lawrence Kim pledges $17,500 to be used over five years to fund a new scholarship and book prize for Singapore Management University undergraduates. He also launched Eliezer with a $100,000 fund to help student entrepreneurs in Singapore Management University and Singapore Polytechnic finance their start-ups and cultivate their business ideas.

“OK to run your ‘quiet’ business in HDB home”

Featured in The Straits Times

Mr Lawrence Kim welcomes move for HDB and private homes to double as offices, helping start-ups to save cost.

“CDCs urged to press on with help schemes”

Featured in The Straits Times , 15 July 2009

Lawrence Kim, new district councillor of North East CDC, talks about starting an apprenticeship programme in Ebenezer. The “Fishing Rod Programme” will cost around $330,000 to train about 50 people.

“Open for business – at 20”

Featured in STREATSlocal, 21 Aug 2002

Lawrence Kim receives well deserved publicity when he was 20 for being a role model student-turned-entrepreneur whom then Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong wants more of for Singapore.

“Millionaire entrepreneur at 26”

Featured in Lianhe Wanbao

Lawrence Kim is being interviewed by a local Chinese paper on his recipe to success. He quotes that “in business as compared to love, one has to put in even more effort and ask for nothing in return, and keep on persevering.

“I Was a Teenage Boss”

Lawrence Kim was being interviewed by EDUScape Magazine to share about his journey as a young entrepreneur back when he started out when he was 17. He shares about how he grew his business from scratch on a shoestring budget, balancing school work and business at the same time. He also encourages passionate entrepreneurs not to give up, “every problem, every hurdle, is a lesson learnt… you either fall from that stepping stone or you achieve greater heights.”

“They studied… and ran their own businesses as well”

Featured in The Straits Times , 20 Aug 2003

Lawrence was featured on the first page of The Straits Times in August 2003 for his achievements as a student entrepreneur. He shares with the reporter his experience of balancing school work and business, and what mentality he had within himself that enabled him to go from strength to strength.